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Betting on Zero Documentary Follows Activist Investor Ackman

Betting on Zero is a 2016 documentary that chronicles what happens after activist investor Bill Ackman takes a billion dollar short on Herbalife shares, betting that they will go down in value to nothing. Hence the title, Betting on Zero. The film allows the audience to get a rare close look at an activist investor plying his trade, as well as at people who were constantly told that they would have their own lucrative business if they would follow the Herbalife success formula.

Stock Investors’ Short-Term Outlook Hurting Restaurants

It should be obvious, but one seldom sees it in the press or hears it mentioned in the same breath with Wall Street: running a restaurant chain to maximize short-term gains in its stock price while neglecting its long term care is asking for trouble down the road. But now Panera Bread founder Ron Schaich is calling attention to fast-profits-oriented Wall Street and activist investors and their effect on publicly traded restaurant brands.

Wall Street is ruining the restaurant industry.