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Warren Buffett Copying 'Subway-Type' Sandwiches in His DQ Brand

Some insiders are questioning if legendary investor and billionaire Warren Buffet has copied Subway's oven-toasted sandwiches in launching his Dairy Queen brand's latest national advertising campaign. The new ads are scheduled for September.

New York Post reported this week that roughly 18 months after Warren Buffett was spotted at Subway's headquarters with his protégé Tracy Britt Cool "where they got a good look behind the counter," DQ announced its new upcoming advertisements for its "first three oven-baked sandwiches."

One miffed Subway insider said, "They copied us. They went to our vendors." Dairy Queen's franchisees are also being given a choice of buying ovens from one of two manufacturers that are also used by many Subway franchisees.

Some wonder if Buffett was first looking to buy the Subway chain, but the report said no. The report said,

The "Oracle of Omaha" passed on buying the chain — but apparently he still had a hankering to become the "Earl of Sandwich."

The Post explained,

While the accusation that the world's third-richest man — worth an estimated $66 billion and the most emulated investor alive — worked his way into the middle of a Subway sandwich sounds far-fetched, sources close to the situation said it's hard to ignore the timing or the similarities.

Regarding the speculation that Subway might be for sale, a Subway spokesman confirmed to reporter Josh Kosman that it is not for sale, declining to comment further.

American Dairy Queen Corporation insisted that it was hard at work on its own baked sandwich line well before Buffett and his protégé dropped by the Subway offices in Milford, Connecticut.

Article: He Copied Us!' Warren Buffet's Dairy Queen 'Rips off Subway' New York Post

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