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What Burger King Can Do To Stop McDonald's Widening Lead

Reality Check

As McDonald's and Burger King roll out new domestic restaurant models, McDonald's will continue to widen its lead over Burger King as far as store design and youthfulness, according to an analyst at Credit Suisse. Barron’s [$$] reports, "McDonald's already has a more current domestic-store base, and, in our opinion, Burger King lacks the financial or operational capacity to match McDonald's capex program (reimaging 55% of its system from 2010-2015.) To boot, we believe McDonald's current prototype represents a greater leap forward in design aesthetic..."

Here's how BKC can use a more aged and poorer store base to its advantage: Tap into senior citizens, who love a good old-fashioned tour through nostalgia. And lest ye forget, senior citizens are one of the largest growing demographics.

Here are 10 ways that Burger King Holdings could grab the up and coming senior citizen market:

  1. Offer pureed burgers
  2. Pipe in accordion music full blast
  3. Serve lots and lots of green jello
  4. Offer liquified jello for customers that think green jello is too tough
  5. Offer special alphabet soup with BIGGER letters
  6. Use words like “whippersnapper”, “scalawag” and “by-cracky” in national advertising
  7. Promote bingo
  8. Place denture holders on every table for convenience
  9. Play the Weather Channel 24-7 on the in-house television
  10. Stock the restaurant with lots of newspapers
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