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What Is 'Add a Child Page'?

Parent / Child Page is a social media function, a simple wikipedia for business people, that allows members to collectively work on a franchise book.

The Book / parent / child page helps organizes participatory journalism to contribute to our community intelligence. This is one of the features that seperates a multiple-author blog page from a social media tool.

"Add a child page" gives our members the ability to add a sub-chapter to a topic - in this case, to individually contribute tools for our community's book on tools for franchise buyers, specifically, Fuwa's financial metrics chapter to help evaluate a franchise purchase. Fuwa's entry acts as a parent to the sub-topic or child page. You as a member have the ability to add a child page to our body of knowledge. As the author of the parent page, members can edit their specific entry.

Think of Blue MauMau as a group software and platform that helps organize members so that what they individually can contribute is coordinated to create an entire book on a given subject, with chapters, sub-chapters and sections to our collective community intelligence. Child pages create a sub-topic to the parent page. This writing coordination is the essence of participatory journalism.

The menu on the bottom of the book page allows the reader to go up and down the chapters, sub-chapters of the book.

As editor and moderator, I have the ability to move news stories and blogs to our books, where and when appropriate.

Other Blue MauMau community created books about franchising that grow daily:

I have added Fuwa's blog as a financial chapter to our community book on Franchise Tools. That's why in the menu you can go up topics or go down to topics related to this. If members have an additional tool or metric in buying a franchise, they should  add a sub-chapter to Fuwa's.

Besides clicking on 'add a child page', members can go to the 'share' tab and click on 'book page' to contribute material. The second field below the subject of your posting is 'parent'. This pop-up menu of existing chapters and sub-chapters is where you decide which topic your entry best fits under.

When in doubt to where your entry should go, just select Franchipedia for our franchise encylopedia.

Note: A child page is not the same as a comment. Please do not create a child page if you just meant to comment on the merits or demerits of Fuwa's financial tool.

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