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What kind of content should I submit?

 Submit anything related to your experiences or insights into buying, starting, operating, or selling a franchise.  We mean anything related, even if it is just a fourth cousin third removed. Here are the areas of content and their description that you can submit.

  • book page A book is a collaborative writing effort: users can collaborate writing the pages of the book, positioning the pages in the right order, and reviewing or modifying pages previously written. So when you have some information to share or when you read a page of the book and you didn't like it, or if you think a certain page could have been written better, you can do something about it.
  • forum topic A forum is a threaded discussion, enabling users to communicate about a particular topic.
  • image An image (with thumbnail). This is ideal for publishing photographs or screenshots.
  • newsletter Send a newsletter to subscribed e-mail addresses.
  • page If you want to add a static page, like a contact page or an about page, use a page.
  • personal blog entry A blog is a regularly updated journal or diary made up of individual posts shown in reversed chronological order. A blog is tightly coupled to the author so each user will have his 'own' blog.
  • poll A poll is a multiple-choice question which visitors can vote on.
  • story Stories are articles in their simplest form: they have a title, a teaser and a body, but can be extended by other modules. The teaser is part of the body too. Stories may be used as a personal blog or for news articles.
  • survey A survey allows you to create a form for use on the site to collect data
  • weblink Weblinks allow you to link to other websites and pages.


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