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Coming This Summer of the Franchisee

Pray for heat, throw your hat in the ring and fire up the franchisee bill of rights, here are my best picks for what's coming up this summer for franchisees.

  1. Support the CFA Franchisee Bill of Rights in state legislatures and in Congress to let serious thinkers know  where this industry is really heading without a course correction-- more payouts to PE owners and more choke holds on the franchisees who actually serve the public, create the jobs and risk their own money:

    The Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights currently contains the following rights: Freedom of Association, Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Uniform Application of Brand Standards, Full Disclosure Regarding Fees Collected From Franchisees, Right to Price, Fair Sourcing of Goods and Services, Right to Renew the Franchise, Right to Transfer, Encroachment,  Ample Notice of Significant Changes and Opportunity to Exit, Fairness in Dispute Resolution, Franchise Termination Rights, and Reciprocal Termination Rights.

    Doesn’t it all sound right to you, it does to me.  I could have used some rights like these over the last ten years. (ALAS; see point #3.)

  2. Watch the Dunkin Brands, Inc IPO, how will it sell, will it skyrocket like Linked-In, or languish like Sprint Airlines SAVE.  The Wall Street press is lukewarm and the prospectus doesn’t seem to have much to say about franchisee profitability.  Numbers say anything you want them to say.

  3. Best Beach Read coming for your e-book:  Dunk’D, A True Story Of How Big Money Is Corrupting The Franchising Induistry. 

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