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When Your Franchisor Goes Belly-Up

What happens to franchise owners when their franchisor suddenly goes belly-up? BusinessWeek explains. Its reporter also gives praise to Blue MauMau.

Journalist John Tozzi writes that when franchisor Bennigan's went under last week, the franchisees had to get the word out to customers that franchised restaurants were still in business. Then they had to negotiate with vendors to keep restaurant supplies coming. BW provides a rare list of famous franchisors who have filed bankruptcy. It's an excellent slide show on the stumbling of famous franchise brands.

Tozzi also writes some kind words about Blue MauMau.

For more on Bennigan’s, check out Don Sniegowksi’s story over at Blue Maumau, one of the best sources of franchising news on the Web.

Mr. Blue MauMau's orange fish body is blushing bright red. Our citizen journalists should take a deep bow in providing news that makes the industry more transparent for the franchise investor. Special thanks to Dan Maizner for posting a quick news summary blog when the story broke.


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