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Why Small Business Must Get Organized

Because politicians and bureaucrats profoundly impact small businesses, getting organized to engage effectively in public policy should be a priority for small business owners. If for whatever reason owners don't bother, then it follows that they will be subject to decisions made and actions taken over which they have had no say.

The small business sector has to do more than just hold someone else accountable – we have to hold ourselves accountable. We need to participate in the public policy debate and contribute to the results. Otherwise, we’ll be relegated to taking what we’re given by policy makers who can presume that we don’t care.

Engagement in public policy should be a small business priority for two reasons:  politicians and bureaucrats. These are the people with the power to levy taxes and impose regulations, both of which can negatively impact your business. The first element of this priority is to identify local, state and federal elected representatives, and make a plan to contact each one this year. Every year these individuals pass laws that spawn regulations and mandates that have an impact on your business. Unfortunately, too often that impact is negative. — Jim Blasingame, Forbes

Learn the steps to effective action and organization that Jim recommends in the full article.

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